Troy Worrell

I am experienced in working within startup companies unique requirements, Team Development, individual and Team Improvement, Call Center Management, Employee Relations, Vendor Relations, Multi Facility Operations and Project Management.

I have extreme pride in the teams I create, my ability to interface with every department in an organization, an entrepreneurial spirit and passion for new challenging business experiences.

As Sr. Director of Customer Service at Livescribe Inc. my responsibilities included establishing a world class global customer service organization from the ground up, to support both internal and external needs in a rapidly expanding and changing environment. The team was able to achieve and maintain:

  • Net Promoter Score (NPS): 65.2 (Comparables: Apple: 77, Federal Express: 56, Dell 50)
  • Department Efficiency: 88.2%
  • Contact Resolution: First Touch: 94.2%, Second Touch: 4.3% (1st & 2nd total 98.5%)
  • Average Interaction Time: 5:48
  • Percent of calls answered within 10 seconds: 47%
  • Average Hold Time: 34.42 seconds
  • Direct Customer Satisfaction Rating: Outstanding: 58.5%, Very Good: 36.4% (94.9%)
  • Turnover Rate: 4%

As VP product Development at Interplay Productions I ran a department with multi-million dollar annual budgets, responsible over 150 staff members in product management, development, creative and QA with over 20 projects in development at a time.Skill set:

  • Over 20 years of hands on experience
  • Great communicator with both internal and external customers
  • Advanced Microsoft Office skill set (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook)
  • Able to perform as a team player with all departments within an organization
  • Able to understand and communicate highly technical issues involving hardware and software
  • Able to multi task and constantly adapt to the long term and short term demands